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Monday, 19 May 2008

Judgment Day Predictions

Very, very late one - I'm sorry, but I've been ultra busy this week. Quick predictions then:

Triple H v Randy Orton

Really can't see them sticking the belt back on Orton so quickly after putting it onto The Game, so Triple H will win. Although there is the Regal factor to take into consideration. Trips may win despite the interference of the GM, setting up a HHH/Regal programme - although don't forget One Night Stand is just a fortnight away. Perhaps a further Trips/Orton encounter there to blow off the feud, with Regal getting involved then.

Taker v Edge

Good Lord I'm fed up of this. What is the point of stripping someone of the belt only to set up a rematch of the last bloody feud. Edge to win, purely because it's pointless having Taker win three times. Edge wins, with loads of interference.

The Miz & Morrison v Kane and CM Punk

One of two ways to go - whats the point of teaming these two up if they are not going to win? Answer - none, unless they are going to feud. Kane to cost Punk, these two to wrestle at One Night Stand.

Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho

Hmmmm...........this has been weird. Who is face, who is heel? I'm suggesting one fakes and injury here somewhere, bizarre ending, then Last Man Standing match. Maybe HBK to win.

JBL v Cena

It will be boring like every other JBL match, and Cena will win. Like every other singles match Cena has and every match Cena has.

Beth v Mickie

I don't care - Beth probably.

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