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Monday, 26 October 2009

Bragging Rights live notes

Ok, I’ll be generous, you get some comments, but they’ll be snappy, hopefully pithy ones. Not massive reviews – you’ll have to go to tomorrow for that.

Oh, terrific, they’ve told us it’s best two out of three in the Raw v Smackdown matches. That means it will be 1-1 after two, with the tag being the rubber match.

I'll go for Miz to win this. Makes more sense for Miz to win this with shenanigans, and then the SD girls to tie the series, before the tag is the decider.

I bet the boys are happy to be watching the show on a monitor, at an angle, in character.

I really like the ring, by the way, with the mixture of blue and red ropes.

Hmm, pretty not surprised at the winner, but a little about the method. I'm not unhappy though. Miz needed a win more, and Morrison is flashy enough to get back over some more.

Has Finlay ever won a match in WWE without the Shillelagh?

I am most amused by the fact that R-Truth sounded more like Dusty than Cody did.

"That's the truth.......and the truth hurts" is a better catchphrase that "truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is a mouthful and, well, stolen.

Speaking of stolen, Michelle now appear to have nicked AJ's hooded robe as well as his finishing move.

About three weeks ago Beth was complaining about being traded to SD, now she is fighting for their pride?

Kelly did a great Ricky Morton - right down to the haircut.

Springboard suplex into a rolling small package? NICE! Great work Beth and Melina!

Smallest of points, shouldn't Harry Smith and TJ Wilson (fuck their screen names) have been front and centre in the SD locker room rather than Jericho, Kane and Hardy there?

I enjoyed that backstage pep talk/DX comedy bit. But then I like DX more than most.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster? Never heard of them. You couldn't do better than "Sons of Disaster"? Here's a tip Maylene, if you want a great bandname, don't picked one that sounds like it could go after "Harry Potter and...."

A four way match seems perfectly placed to take the belt off of Taker, relieve his burden of being top dog in the yard while injured, and get the belt back on Punk without Taker having his shoulders counted down. I forecast something happening to shift Taker's focus.

"These guys are literally throwing bombs." Erm, no they are not, King. They are figuratively throwing bombs.

Hmmm, seems odd to me to have Taker win a fourway. I guess they just had nothing to do for Rey and Batista and wanted to put them out there in a PPV match. Also, there was probably motivation for a tease of a falling out between Batista and Rey.

I hope Rey is ok. He was (Literally?) launched by Batista onto Punk, and looked to land back and neck first. Hopefully it was flat enough, and not at a poor angle.

As I speak, Rey is on his feet, speaking to Josh. He looks ok.

I think that would have been better if Batista had clotheslined Mysterio out of his boots out of nowhere, rather than telegraph it. Now we know why these two are in the match.

That was pretty well done. I think Batista's heel turn is long overdue, frankly. He'll shine now.

When they were doing that 'Team Raw!' 'Team Smackdown' thing with fans, I'd have loved one little weedy bloke to jump in the middle and, in a high pitched voice, shout 'Team ECW'.

Have they once mentioned the video game while hyping this as Smackdown v Raw?

I rather liked that ending. It's a bit of a copout, and celebration was a little over the top, but I like Show turning on people that he has had his differences with, and it leads into a presumed DX v Jericho and Show feud.

That then leaves something else to ponder. If this really is the end of Orton v Cena, forget who will win - who will the winner face next? Who else is there to step up?

2-2 and nearly twenty minutes in. This has been tremendous thus far. Surpassing my expectations already.

Legacy interfere to earn Orton a fall. Kofi arrives with a chair to chase them off, and gets a massive cheer. Huge moment for Kofi.

I would change one thing. I'd have had Orton pass out and the ref award a fall to Cena. It simply wasn't logical for Orton to hold out for nearly a minute and then give up with six seconds to spare.

That said, it was a marvellous match. If Match of the Year voting ended here, Undertaker and HBK would still win, but this will be on the shortlist.

Orton was amazing in this match. Utterly brilliant.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Rob Update

Guys, at the risk of sounding like Dragon's Den, let me tell you where I am right now.

I have just come back from California having been out there for TNA Bound For Glory. It was a great show, BTW. I hope you saw my review on

Since being back, I've had a number of things to deal with at home, and have a mega busy week or two coming up.

I will endeavour to post here when I can, but just to warn, it will not be business as usual for a few weeks.

I may be able to do my usual as-live PPV notes tonight, but in all honesty, probably not.

I urge you to keep your eyes on The Sun's wrestling page this week - I'll be all over it, with PPV and Raw reviews, plus a couple of exclusive TNA interviews.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Raw Thoughts: October 12

· I hated that opening segment, with only a few exceptions.
· The phonecall to Michaels was really quite lame. Not funny, didn’t go anywhere, and even the plug for the book didn’t work.
· The Bragging Rights exposition did not work at all. Not in my mind, anyway. I was under the impression that there would be a bunch of matches on the show and whoever won each match went onto a team for the end of the show. That didn’t resemble what Jericho, the apparent Smackdown captain said. Nor did it sound like what Triple H said, especially when he told Show there were no spaces. If the team is already made up, then surely it doesn’t matter about the winners of the matches?
· I think the only bit I liked was when Jericho said he would fight Bob Barker anytime anyplace. Other than that even Chris couldn’t save this segment.
· The forced infighting between Show and Jericho was ludicrous. Why have Show say they are equals, then say he carries the team? I don’t want to see them wrestle, because at some point I’d like to see a team actually be a team for more than a couple of months.
· Making the match didn’t make sense. How was Triple H, and therefore guest host Nancy O’Dell, able to know that Show and Jericho would a) interrupt him and b) start bickering. She should have come out at that point and made the impromptu match.
· Most of all, I hated Triple H’s little burial of Smackdown. Are you kidding? Smackdown has been superior for a long while now, and I fail to see what business sense it makes for Triple H, a major babyface with influence over the minds of impressionable fans, to bury the show. And to say they have great wrestling, then cite Great Khali, is pathetic.
· I’ll allow the Big Show/Jericho match. At least it looked like a spat rather than a falling out.
· Oh my God, that Divas section was HIDEOUS.
· Goodness knows what Mickie has done to deserve that (although her matches haven’t been great lately). Unless she is injured I guess. The first match was terrible, and Jillian of all people gets a three-minute reign. To make matters worse, guest hosts are now trading, and Melina appears on Raw. To cap it off, Melina and Jillian botch the big move. Credit to them, though, because I’m assuming they called an audible and changed the finish.
· So Cena will face both members of Legacy in a Triple Threat? That would mean if he wins he would be in an iron match AND the seven-on-seven?
· Wait, I got that wrong. Apparently Cena has no real motivation here.
· The only redeeming feature of the triple threat was the finish. I liked Cody sneaking the win by pinning Ted and causing contention, and I liked Randy Orton slithering in and out of the ring. Other than that, it was the usual SuperCena garbage, followed by an announcement of Cena/Orton v Legacy. Just..........what?
· So we get to see Cena AGAIN, Legacy AGAIN......MVP and Swagger are in the ring while I’m typing this bit and....wait, it’s finished. A throwaway match lasting about four minutes. We have to see double Cena and Legacy, all of whom are over. But only a few seconds of MVP and Swagger, who need assistance.
· Kofi and Evan didn’t even get to start on TV? Just add this to the point above.
· As a contrived main event, that was just about passable. I guess the most important thing was that after all the double crossing and second guessing, Ted DiBiase was the one who emerged with the high ground. He pinned Orton with a surprise roll-up in the main event.
· Just an odd show. No logic, and flaws up the yin yang.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Hell in a Cell live notes

Hi all. Sorry about the fact that there was no predictions before the show today. Have had a hellishly busy few days, and simply did not have time. I'm here now though.

I've been that busy that I have not had a lot of time to follow the ins and outs of the wrestling world this week. So rather than catch up on one or two things, I've removed myself completely. So if there are any spoilers out there, I know not of them. Trying it as an experiment, because sometimes I can ruin PPVs by knowing little titbits of info.

Interesting start to the show. Long, long preview of Taker v Punk following a great opening from the announcers (note sarcasm). Cole asked if it was the end of an era (i.e DX losing) or the beginning of a Legacy (which would mean, erm, DX losing....idiot).

Here comes Punk. Wow, opening the show with the match that closed the last PPV? In a Cell? The conspiracy theorist would say another screwjob and Punk somehow retains. Otherwise why wouldn't this close the thing?

Taker wins. Surprised that's gone on first, I have to say. Ok match without being great, but it's an unenviable position. The crowd know Taker will win, barring screwjobs, and Punk and Taker can't go all out because they have to leave something for the matches yet to come.

JR mentioned this being the 17th HiaC match ever. I seem to remember the 1st was late in 1997. So they've had 16 in 12 years - then they want to do three in one night? Don't they realise that devalues things? No, apparently not.

Morrison v Ziggler next. Should be fun.

Morrison beats Ziggler after a long back and forth match.

I really enjoyed that. It wasn't as good as Morrison v Rey, and the fans didn't get behind Morrison like they did when Rey faced Ziggler, but it was a really good match. It maybe went a bit long without picking up a pace, and I'm stil not sold on Starship Pain (looks flashy, but doesn't like it would hurt. The Chuck Kick, meanwhile, looks devastating)

Master Shredder for Raw Guest Host!

Alicia v Mickie now. Don't expect anything other than a Mickie quickie vickietory.

And there we go. Mickie wins in a poor divas match, interesting only for the DDT which ended it. Alicia took a hell of a bump on her head. Hopefully she's not too badly banged up

If you consider for a moment who was involved in that match, then Big Show/Jericho v Batista and Rey wasn't too bad at all. The Show and Rey match-ups in the ring were fun, there were some fun spots (I liked Show catching Jericho but Batista spearing them down) overall. I didn't care for the ending, because Show's right hand ought to be illegal and makes no sense.

All that considered, that was on the good side if acceptable for me.

I like that theme music by the way. Could actually be a good TV show theme. Better than SDs, I think.

Looks like Cena v Orton next. Assume DX v Legacy to close.

After long entrances, we're underway. Trevor writes and suggests Cena is like Marmite - love him or hate him. I agree - and so do the live crowd. Sounds like the most negative Cena reaction in quite some time.

An observation watching Cena and Orton fight on the near side of the cell. I see foot holes. Someone may well be climbing tonight........

Well well, new champion. Orton beats Cena in a decent Cell effort. Not a classic, again, but some decent psychology in this, and Orton's ruthlessness wins the day. I could have lived without the tap out the ref didn't see, but other than that I'm happy to see Orton with the belt again. The punt didn't look as good as previous ones have done. Expect to see slo-mo and other angles used creatively on Raw.

Plenty of discussion in the comments section, reaction to Cena/Orton but also questions about the finale tonight. A suggestion that HBK could turn on HHH? I'd love that, and predicted it would happen weeks ago. The problem with it is twofold. One that he has fought side by side with Hunter, so to turn now makes no sense. He needed to turn after that initial chef nonsense.

The second issue, pointed out below, is that the DX Reunion tour is imminent. Unless WWE are going for ironic branding.

Also mentioned is HHH being a better heel than babyface. I agree to a point, but we've seen heel Trips v Face Shawn. I'd like to see it the other way around.

Drew McIntyre beats R-Truth, in a bout which felt like a Smackdown match. I don't mind it being on PPV, though, because if Drew is to get a push, then he needs to get wins on a big stage.

Kofi celebrates being finally billed as from Ghana by retaining his US title. OK triple threat, but again it felt like a pretty good TV match and not a PPV spectacle.

This PPV, with the exception of the Divas match, has been almost entirely populated with avergae to pretty good matches. Individual hard to complain, but as a whole this has been an unispiring event thus far.

That was pretty good. DX win after a drawn-out, intricately plotted Cell match. A legacy pre-match jump saw a fight outside the ring for several minutes, with Cody and Ted laying out Hunter on the stage and locking Shawn inside the Cell. Many minutes of beating preceeded Trips disappearing and re-emerging with bolt cutters. Back inside, he evened the score, threw out DiBiase, and then DX polished Cody off.

DX winning is the right thing, but it needs them to address on Raw the fact that Legacy ran them very close.

I'd expect DX v Show and Jericho soon.

Orton got Tombstoned on SD last week.........Randy v Taker at Bragging rights?

Generally very average indeed.

Thanks for joining me - good night!