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Monday, 26 October 2009

Bragging Rights live notes

Ok, I’ll be generous, you get some comments, but they’ll be snappy, hopefully pithy ones. Not massive reviews – you’ll have to go to tomorrow for that.

Oh, terrific, they’ve told us it’s best two out of three in the Raw v Smackdown matches. That means it will be 1-1 after two, with the tag being the rubber match.

I'll go for Miz to win this. Makes more sense for Miz to win this with shenanigans, and then the SD girls to tie the series, before the tag is the decider.

I bet the boys are happy to be watching the show on a monitor, at an angle, in character.

I really like the ring, by the way, with the mixture of blue and red ropes.

Hmm, pretty not surprised at the winner, but a little about the method. I'm not unhappy though. Miz needed a win more, and Morrison is flashy enough to get back over some more.

Has Finlay ever won a match in WWE without the Shillelagh?

I am most amused by the fact that R-Truth sounded more like Dusty than Cody did.

"That's the truth.......and the truth hurts" is a better catchphrase that "truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth, which is a mouthful and, well, stolen.

Speaking of stolen, Michelle now appear to have nicked AJ's hooded robe as well as his finishing move.

About three weeks ago Beth was complaining about being traded to SD, now she is fighting for their pride?

Kelly did a great Ricky Morton - right down to the haircut.

Springboard suplex into a rolling small package? NICE! Great work Beth and Melina!

Smallest of points, shouldn't Harry Smith and TJ Wilson (fuck their screen names) have been front and centre in the SD locker room rather than Jericho, Kane and Hardy there?

I enjoyed that backstage pep talk/DX comedy bit. But then I like DX more than most.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster? Never heard of them. You couldn't do better than "Sons of Disaster"? Here's a tip Maylene, if you want a great bandname, don't picked one that sounds like it could go after "Harry Potter and...."

A four way match seems perfectly placed to take the belt off of Taker, relieve his burden of being top dog in the yard while injured, and get the belt back on Punk without Taker having his shoulders counted down. I forecast something happening to shift Taker's focus.

"These guys are literally throwing bombs." Erm, no they are not, King. They are figuratively throwing bombs.

Hmmm, seems odd to me to have Taker win a fourway. I guess they just had nothing to do for Rey and Batista and wanted to put them out there in a PPV match. Also, there was probably motivation for a tease of a falling out between Batista and Rey.

I hope Rey is ok. He was (Literally?) launched by Batista onto Punk, and looked to land back and neck first. Hopefully it was flat enough, and not at a poor angle.

As I speak, Rey is on his feet, speaking to Josh. He looks ok.

I think that would have been better if Batista had clotheslined Mysterio out of his boots out of nowhere, rather than telegraph it. Now we know why these two are in the match.

That was pretty well done. I think Batista's heel turn is long overdue, frankly. He'll shine now.

When they were doing that 'Team Raw!' 'Team Smackdown' thing with fans, I'd have loved one little weedy bloke to jump in the middle and, in a high pitched voice, shout 'Team ECW'.

Have they once mentioned the video game while hyping this as Smackdown v Raw?

I rather liked that ending. It's a bit of a copout, and celebration was a little over the top, but I like Show turning on people that he has had his differences with, and it leads into a presumed DX v Jericho and Show feud.

That then leaves something else to ponder. If this really is the end of Orton v Cena, forget who will win - who will the winner face next? Who else is there to step up?

2-2 and nearly twenty minutes in. This has been tremendous thus far. Surpassing my expectations already.

Legacy interfere to earn Orton a fall. Kofi arrives with a chair to chase them off, and gets a massive cheer. Huge moment for Kofi.

I would change one thing. I'd have had Orton pass out and the ref award a fall to Cena. It simply wasn't logical for Orton to hold out for nearly a minute and then give up with six seconds to spare.

That said, it was a marvellous match. If Match of the Year voting ended here, Undertaker and HBK would still win, but this will be on the shortlist.

Orton was amazing in this match. Utterly brilliant.

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Vinny said...

who's next for Cena & Orton?
Orton will take on DiBiase after his presumed face turn later tonight,
Cena... a returning Edge?