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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Raw Thoughts - Jan 19

Sorry for the delay this week - I've been in Manchester with TNA for a couple of days. A great show in the MEN Arena, and looking forward to Wembley on Saturday. Will update you all of my trip in due course.

On with the Raw notes.....

· Ridiculous opening contest. Eliminating that many guys in no time whatsoever completely devalues the nature of trying to stay in the match on Sunday.
· The idea of it, I suppose, was to get over the idea that The Legacy will be working together to benefit Orton. I’ll give them that.
· While I’m moaning about short matches, Beth just squashed Kelly Kelly. It took about two minutes and was one-sided and decisive. The trouble is that a few weeks back Kelly Kelly was giving Beth a run for her money, and soon, when they decide KK will be number one contender, she’ll be able to compete again. Then they’ll wonder why no-one buys her chances.
· I like the irony of Orton verbally attacking Steph for getting the job because of her Dad, being General Manager because of her last name. Wouldn’t she be third generation, just like Randy?
· Michael Cole and King offer nothing in the way of insight or add to big match feels. Ad breaks don’t help, of course, but there was no flow as a viewer to that match because they kept waffling on about Layla looking pretty or listing a bunch of people who have won the IC title. If they’d just shut up about that and call the match, occasionally stopping to discuss strategy and so forth. Instead it’s just mindless prattle for much of the time. To be fair to both men, it is likely not their fault, as they will be simply calling in the style they are advised to do so.
· Decent match with Regal and Punk, but it’s frustrating because I know they could do better.
· That was a terrific Cena promo. When he is doing 80s jokes and making fun of Todd Grisham he comes across as an idiot, but when he speak passionately and with feeling he is phenomenal.
· JBL, in equal measures, lives up to his end of the bargain. As does HBK. This has actually turned into a very fine angle, and I suspect that it may spike the odd buy or two for Sunday. I like the fact that JBL didn’t put Michaels down, he talked him up and said that’s why he employs him.
· The one negative with this is that Michaels looks in it for the long haul. Normally I’d like that and encourage the long story arc, but I don’t want to see HBK v JBL at Wrestlemania. Think of who Michaels could face – Austin, Triple H, Taker, Mysterio would all be valid opponents and would contribute to awesome contests. I can’t see JBL/Michaels living up.
· I LOVED the Mike Knox reasoning for attacking Rey “I really don’t know.” That’s brilliant. The guy who is so crazy that he attacks for no reason is far scarier than the man who attacks because he doesn’t like little guys or thought Kelly Kelly loved him, for example. I’d have had Knox win though. Mysterio is over with the people with whom he needs to be over, so a loss to Knox doesn’t hurt him. The beating he got makes him look weak anyway, but think about what a big win would do for Knox, who actually seems to be a big guy with a bit of fascination behind his character, as opposed to Snitsky, who we were supposed to boo because he had bad teeth.
· More utter stupidity, having Cryme Tyme beat Mizorrison in short order. I am aware that CT were supposed to have stolen the victory.
· And how many people actually regularly visit Is it really “Well documented” that there is an online feud between the two teams? I’d suggest that “well documented” in this case simply means that Cole talks about it sometimes. Is Duggan supposed to be working for Cryme Tyme? Why did Shad say Hacksaw was on a ‘special assignment’? I have no idea, because I never follow And I can’t believe that a huge percentage of the viewing audience do either.
· Notice how they are advertising a Rumble win as a chance for a title shot at Mania, and not a main event opportunity.
· Sorry, but that was a terrible closing segment. You are supposed to be promoted the Royal Rumble, yet you end with a dull 20 minutes or so of Steph and Vince trying to humiliate Randy Orton and Chris Jericho, with Vince getting kicked in the head by Randy at the end.
· How many times will Vince Die?
· I have one idea – I mentioned in jest about Steph being third generation – but so is Shane. What if Shane was the one pulling the strings of The Legacy? What if the legacy they are talking about is him inheriting the company? What if he is getting back at his father – and soon his sister – so as to take over the company again?

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