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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Raw Thoughts - March 2

· As Jerry said, a blockbuster announcement to start Raw, but it is a worrying thing that I don’t for a second think they will wrestle? Are they people out there who will hear this announcement but think the same as me, and not bother watching to the end?
· Nice touch with Piper’s Pit leading to Jericho’s music. As soon as Lilian paused I guessed it would happen, but I still like it. Good tease and easy heat.
· What’s been striking about this Jericho/Legends thing is that it’s actually been really respectful. Jericho does a good job of talking up the legends’ achievements before berating them for clinging onto stardom, and in turn they big Jericho up and ask him what went wrong.
· Another good Jericho segment, although not as strong as previous, it is understandable because Snuka was never the talker that Flair or Piper were, or even Steamboat come to that. Good work by Chris, though, to continue his character development.
· Mind you, if he is supposed to be on the roster, shouldn’t Sim Snuka have put in an appearance? Either to challenge Jericho or to support him, depending on what side of the heel/face line she is on?
· Will Rey ever get to have a match which doesn’t have Mike Knox in?
· Or Kane for that matter?
· I would have thought Rey was a shoo-in for Money in the Bank. Surprised to see Kane get his hand raised. I quite like the fact that they are going with triple threat matches to qualify, thus far. I think that it is good to see something different like that.
· Haha! The debut of Triple H on the big stage. Didn’t he get trounced in seconds by the Ultimate Warrior?
· I think I see where they were going with Melina and Maryse, but basically no Santino? Signor Marella has been criminally underused the last couple of weeks.
· Actually, I quite like “Signor Marella”. Maybe he should have a brief programme with Mr Kennedy. I could see that yielding some pretty funny stuff.
· Strong stuff from Orton and The Game. I like the different dynamic, because it’s usually the challenger trying to get a title match – like in Cena’s case – rather than the usual other way around. The ‘no physical contact’ thing also allows great scope for heeling. Orton can say what he wants and Triple H can’t attack. Legacy can attack at will and won’t affect the deal. Perfect set up.
· Great to see Taker. Always nice to have genuine big name surprises like that.
· However this programme goes, probably a good decision to have Cena fight for the title (nearly) in his home town. Not the usual mixed reaction for him, it was pretty partisan.
· I really liked that match, and I loved the ending to Raw. The match had plenty of to-ing and fro-ing, and although the DQ finish was always favourite, I was really unsure how this match would conclude.
· The Big Show appearing at the end, and standing over Edge menacingly was a brilliant piece of what the film industry would call “Mise-en-scene” which basically means the positioning of what you see on the screen. The fact that Edge was sitting was a masterstroke, as it made him seem more vulnerable.
· Seems likely we’ll see a Triple threat, which I have to say is a disappointment to me. Triple Threats with Big Show in are very formulaic. Looks like they are scrambling for a way of keeping the belt on Edge.

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