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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Admittedly Late raw Thoughts, May 11

· I know I moan about it a lot, but why must they insist on continually saying “Skull” and not head. I’ve criticised Michael Cole for saying it, but it’s probably not his fault. DiBiase said it to Batista and it sounded ridiculous.
· Sound booking, teasing Batista with joining Legacy. Batista’s hesitation hints at a possible heel turn soon, and then you have the ‘with us or against us’ thing of Legacy hating him more.
· I like this Batista thing of getting DQ-ed. I think it’s a plausible angle, but the commentators need to talk it up. Maybe even to do a Mike Tenay-style ‘points to watch’ before the match and highlight Batista’s weakness in this area.
· Not a bad divas match, but punctuated by a horrible looking spot by Kelly Kelly who opened the ropes allowing Jillian to simply run through. Interesting little story between MIckie and Maryse, but I really wish they’d give the girls more character development and interesting stories.
· Wow, did I see that correctly? Orton pushing away a camera. I really like that, and we need to continue that string of common sense and acknowledgment of cameras.
· I think they’ve gone a little early with Miz and Cena. They could have made the match a lot shorter, although I liked Miz attacking Cena after Vickie’s intervention and therefore claiming a victory. Really clever booking of Miz who has very genuine heat.
· I’m fed up of the Santina stuff. The man is very funny, but there it too much stupid stuff involved now.
· What do you know? Logic to end the show. One on one with Batista and Orton – Dave doesn’t need a wrestling match, so he beats the shit out of Randy. Makes sense.
· I think the build to Judgment Day has been average at best (difficult with only a three week gap again) but I can see the PPV being really good. There are some exciting matches setup (Punk/Umaga, Jeff/Edge, Jericho/Rey) and with WWE’s recent record, over the last two years or so, of making PPVs very good, then I’m hopeful of a decent one.

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