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Friday, 19 June 2009

Raw Thoughts - June 14

· Really liked the start to Raw. Most people would be tuning in for the title matches, so give them a piece of info about a new GM being named, and then King says “Vince is here for something else.” You’ve essentially got five things – the three titles, GM and Vince – to look forward to.
· Huh? Jericho v Mysterio? So why the hell wasn’t this promoted? Surely at least a few people would be extra persuaded to tune in for the extra hour, especially if they know that calibre of match is at the top of the show.
· Terrific match again, though. I could watch Jericho and Mysterio wrestle every week. Poetry in motion. I love the logical endings too. Jericho gets the better of a relatively even contest by pulling the mask, distracting Rey, and then hitting his Codebreaker. There is still mileage in that one.
· Selling Monday Night Raw? OK, that’s quite the big deal to be throwing into the middle of a show. I could throw out a few guesses, but it do little good since I’m reviewing a taped show, and you’ll simply accuse me of writing the name in later.
· Oh, sod it, lets put out everything it can be. The obvious one is Flair, but where would he get the money from., no. Bischoff? That could happen, but do we really want him to have Raw again, after he was GM for like four years?
· Who else......Ted DiBiase Snr? He has a lot of money, at least in his gimmick, so that would make sense. Plus, if he came in as a babyface, there could be great antagonism between him and Legacy.
· I like the thought of JBL. He is a man we know of as having a lot of money. He is a businessman. He has close links to Vince. He has been gone for a while and would make a fantastic authority figure. I’d suggest that he wouldn’t want to work for someone, so he’d buy Vince out.
· Did Striker take a shot at Obama? So does Joey Styles feed the ECW guys through their headphones?
· What a great sign. Guys, if you are going to spell out P-E-E-P-S in five separate signs, make sure the fourth guy holds up that second ‘P’......
· That clock is absolutely pathetic. It’s one thing to do it with 45 minutes until the WWE title match, but to put up a ten minute clock after the ECW Title has only just started is absurd. How disrespectful to a) focus on another match, but b) to explain that they will only get ten minutes to have their contest.
· Crowd are very quiet, by the way.
· I liked the finish there. If they had to rush it – and to be fair, a long match isn’t Dreamer’s friend – then Christian getting injured and a small package was practical.
· So, Orton wins, and we are back to how it was. This really has been an odd couple of weeks. If they knew Batista was injured (and they must have done) why put the belt on him and mess things about. It might have had a short term angle made up and a little bit of intrigue, but in the long term it hurts the title, because the champ is now a guy who lost clean eight days ago.
· Donald Trump? Really? I don’t think any of us could have predicted that. I still like my JBL prediction. Wouldn’t that have been great?
· Hard to get excited about the Trump thing, because we haven’t really an investment in his character, really. I would think he’d appoint a GM soon enough, and then pop up from time to time, maybe do a little cross promotion here and there.
· Did Punk say to Matt that he had never been World champion? Is that a definitive example of WWE admitting that the ECW title is not at that level?
· “You’ll notice how Punk was trying to hook both of Edge’s legs.” As it happens I did see that, and that is why JR is the best announcer in the world, because he spots things like that. I assume that it is also why the boys love him, because they can do something clever and logical and JR will call it, not just let it be missed.
· I didn’t really think that triple threat got going, but I think it was the fault of the schedulers. I felt that the advertisements came at the wrong point, and hurt the flow of the match.
· The finish makes sense. I really hope that whomever wins between Punk and Hardy at The Bash (terrible name, by the way) they have a 25 minute give and take match which helps both guys. I liked the ending here with Punk winning, and they have given him a couple of clean wins of late, but I’d really like to see him have several PPV main events where he is treated with the utmost respect. He deserves it.
· Hmmm, “more better” from DiBiase and then Cody pauses before saying “Great American Bash”
· That’s where I hate just throwing a team out there for no reason. The Raw audience first glimpse of “The Hart Dynasty” is that they got their ass handed to them in about three minutes by the Colons, and the commentary never even bothered with the match in the ring. You may as well hire in two jobbers and let them get killed, because it does nothing for TJ and Harry.
· Why does MVP have a Manchester United shirt on?
· Big Show in Battle Royal is such a boring feature, but I really liked the spot of pulling Matt back in then throwing him out again.

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