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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Raw Thoughts

· I don’t profess to know either the American audience or the younger demographic. I thought that was the worst opening segment I have seen in many a year. I have no idea who either Jeremy Piven or Dr Ken are (although I have heard of Entourage) and between Piven’s smug attitude (should have been a heel GM) and the annoying little shit he had with him, I wanted to crawl into a hole.
· Cena burying Miz was completely unnecessary. Just telling the audience he is not very good is ridiculous. Just moronic. And then to cap off this most ludicrous of Raw openings, the all-knowing GM says that if Miz doesn’t beat Cena tonight, he is banned from “Summerfest”. Good save by Cena admittedly, but that was so embarrassing.
· At this point, what hook do you have to keep watching. A match which Cena noted that we saw last week and lasted two minutes, and have seen three times previous to that, and another Triple H Handicap match, this time with Rhodes and DiBiase. If I wasn’t working, I’d switch this show off.
· Hmm, did Swagger really need to dominate Bourne so badly, and completely negate the win last week.
· Too much Shaq in this Show to be coincidence – you’d think a match might be on down the line. When does the NBA season finish, because I’d surprised if they let Shaq do anything while he has to compete.
· Show given a US title match. Putting another belt on him to make him a champion and therefore a more mainstream commodity? Advertise on ESPN Shaq v US Champion Big Show?
· Decent divas match there. Beth, Mickie and Gail might well be the best three workers in the company, and Jillian is ok, without being spectacular. She is actually a very good bumper and seller.
· Decent enough handicap match, with the right result, and a setup for HBK’s return.
· I would dearly, dearly love HBK to return in time for Summerslam, and announce that he’ll team with Triple H to take on Legacy. They would then have a decent ten minutes or so again Orton’s duo, before Michaels turns round and Superkicks Triple H.
· Shawn v Hunter has been done before, but not for a long time, and never with Trips as babyface and Shawn as the heel.
· I think Primo v Carlito might have been a nice hook for Superstars. They could have a decent amount of time to wrestle, and it may have drawn a fan or two extra.
· Mind you, that said, the crowd were dead for this one.
· Didn’t seem worth breaking them up for a nothing feud that ends in this manner. I’m guessing the reason is to build Carlito up a bit, since he had a decent enough bout with Henry last week.
· I don’t think they’ve even mentioned Randy Orton yet, have they? Isn’t he the, erm.....what do call him.....oh yeah CHAMPION!
· Chavo, Hornswoggle blah blah. I’ll let them off this as the live crowd and kids lap it up. It’s inoffensive, really, I guess.
· Boring Show stuff to put him over as a monster Shaq has to conquer.
· Interesting Trips phone call – why did he get a phone plugged in the locker room and not use his mobile/cellphone? Obviously the intimation is that he is speaking to Shawn Michaels, and “I thought you didn’t do jobs” is another of those classic moments of Triple H (Or Shawn, for that matter) using insider terminology where others wouldn’t dare. I’m guessing we have a couple of weeks of Trips chasing Shawn, before he finally decides to come back. I just hope that, as I said before, Shawn swerves and has a lovely drawn out battle with his old pal.
· NICE!! Quality swerve by Piven and his pal, backing up Orton
· Very ordinary win for Cena in the end. Would have been a good opportunity to have a heel ending to one of these guest GMs.
· As annoying as he was throughout, Dr Ken trying to be friends with Cena and shouting “we did it” was pretty funny.
· Weak ending, when it had potential to be otherwise.
· Looking forward to seeing Sarge next week. Can’t have celebs every week.

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