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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Raw Thoughts - September 20

- Jericho still in the opening video, then.

- Orton just looks the part right now. Oozing with confidence and absolutely the right man for title right now.
- Orton saying "I am not an honourable man" was hilarious. His description of RKOing grandmother was pretty funny too.
- The start of this tag team section is brutal. DH Smith sat there like a lemon, and TJ looking caught in the headlights. Rhodes and Drew just have nothing going for them personality-wise.
- "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, as a moniker, is so mid-card it's untrue.
- Morrison v Jericho? Really? This could be fun...........
- Zack and Edge should team up and go after the tag titles. That would be great. Ryder's attempt at a high-five which was rejected was very funny.
- So Jericho is here. So much for him being out of the company. Not yet anyway. And this Raw was part of a double taping, so he is likely to be on next week too.
- No pre-match promo from Jericho to explain the situation.
- There was something a little off about Jericho v Morrison. They didn't really hit a stride. It was a shade slow. Still a decent match, but they can do (and have done) better.
- Cena gives you more effective emotion from a flick the eyebrows than he does from his rushed, garbled promos these days.
- Bryan Danielson's music is not Stormtrooper music, or Star Trek. For the record, it's Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner. I'm not saying it fits, but that's what it is.
- Does that put paid to the suggestion that Cole is the GM, given that he reversed a decision in Bryan's favour?
- The two on one on Bryan was a perfect opportunity for someone to come and help Daniel Bryan, and give him a bit of a rub. I think he needs an ally, because he isn't really over yet. I was expecting a bigger reaction for him on Raw, after the great match the evening previous. Suggests not many of the live crowd bought the PPV.
- Ring announcer says "self-proclaimed" unified divas champion. What is self-proclaimed about it? Michelle wrestled the match at the PPV.
- It appears to be new music night. R-Truth out to the music we first heard last week, Bryan earlier on, and now DiBiase with new music.
- Why do I sense a "DiBiase is broke" angle in the future?
- I hated the gauntlet booking of Cena, but I have to say the crowd went wild for it.
- I got the Cena v Barrett booking right. I said it was Cena to join Nexus or to disband it. One satisfying point, anyway.
- functional Raw without being very entertaining. They had to set up some matches, and they did. I've no problem with that. It's having two PPVs within two weeks that is so idiotic. I hope their buyrate for HiaC is terrible, to teach them a bit of a lesson.

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