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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Booking a new megastar.

I look this time of year. The build up to Wrestlemania is probably my favourite time of year, and it tends to get not only Vince McMahon's creative juices flowing, but mine as well.

If you are anything like me, you will occasionally think of an idea which you genuinely think is the greatest idea of all time. Generally speaking, this happens to me about once a month, and about two days later the feeling wears off. Today, I feel like I have thought of a booking process to see WWE through the next SIX months and to create a massive superstar and an amazing feelgood moment. You might read the upcoming outline and think it's utter nonsense. I'm not saying it is perfect, but I do think it would make for great TV, and would make a certain man who is probably best described right now as an upper midcarder into a genuine top babyface.

Are you ready? Here we go.......


We start at the Royal Rumble, and the most important thing is that John Morrison is drawn number one. The announcers talk about the time this happened to Shawn Michaels, and Morrison lasts until the final four.

Triple H returns at the Rumble, and comes very close to winning, also getting to the final four. He eliminates Morrison, but is straightaway eliminated by Sheamus. Sheamus is beaten by Alberto Del Rio, who wins the Rumble (actually, it doesn't really matter to this storyline who wins the Rumble, but it ought to be someone on Smackdown.)

Morrison is lauded on Raw for his performance. He says he is inspired by Shawn Michaels constantly. Have the announcers compare him to Shawn Michaels for weeks on end, whilst Morrison wins a few matches on Raw. He is placed in the Elimination Chamber match.

Triple H's time is consumed by Sheamus, and they cost each other matches which would get them into the Chamber. The Raw Chamber match is Cena/Miz/Orton/Punk/Morrison and one other, perhaps Daniel Bryan or maybe Batista or Jericho should they return. Morrison is in the match first, and is the last one beaten. For argument's sake, lets say Orton wins the title, but like Del Rio at the Rumble, this individual doesn't matter. Meanwhile, Triple H wrestles and beats Sheamus, getting his revenge.

Triple H declares that he is going after Undertaker, and wants to be the man to end the streak. He is inspired by how close his best friend Shawn Michaels got. Taker accepts the challenge. Michaels makes a special appearance on Raw to give his friend a pep talk. While he is there he chats to Morrison, and puts over how great he is. There is friction at the show between Michaels and Taker, and Shawn is booked as Special Guest Referee.

Morrison is placed in Money in the Bank, and wins it. Triple H faces Taker, and Shawn calls it down the middle. Triple H pedigrees Taker, but can't beat him. He shapes to cheat, using a sledgehammer, but Shawn stops him. Taker grabs him, hits a tombstone and wins.

Triple H sells huge shock as Taker leaves. Michaels consoles Hunter, but HHH turns viciously on Shawn, laying him out with a series of sledgehammer shots and a pedigree. Taker runs Hunter off, but Michaels is seriously hurt.

On Raw, Triple H cuts a hateful promo on Michaels, whining and blaming him for holding him back, hogging the limelight. "Even when it was my moment, it was me and Taker, you had to get involved and steal my spotlight". Morrison hits the ring and Triple H scarpers. Morrison is furious, and vows to avenge Michaels.

We do Morrison v Triple H at Extreme Rules (although in an ideal world this wouldn't be an Extreme Rules match) and Trips wins with a very liberal use of cheating, perhaps once again with a sledgehammer, or perhaps Morrison's own briefcase.

Morrison demands a rematch, but Triple H ducks it. Sheamus attacks Morrison, and aligns himself with Triple H. The Game says he admires Sheamus for being the only man as sadistic as Hunter himself is. Sheamus and Trips attack Morrison a couple of times, but Morrison gets saved the third time by Undertaker.

At Over the Limit we have Undertaker/Morrison v HHH/Sheamus. The heels win with Sheamus getting the pin on Taker. He uses this for ages to brag about beating The Undertaker.

Morrison has a match on Raw to qualify for the Fatal 4-Way main event, but loses due to interference by HHH/Sheamus. Triple H qualifies for the four way. Morrison wrestles Sheamus at the PPV and wins. Triple H just about wins the Four Way and wins the WWE title.

Morrison challenges Triple H the next night on Raw, and again Triple H refuses. Morrison teases using the briefcase on him, but Sheamus and Morrison viciously assault him. He is declared out of action indefinitely. Sheamus goes on a winning streak on Raw, annihilating people similar to when he debuted. Triple H defends his title against whomever was the previous champion (Orton?) at Money in the Bank PPV. The match closes the show, and after Hunter has won a gruelling contest, Morrison's music hits. It looks as though he will cash it in, but he takes the mic, says he is a man, and wants to do it fair and square. He wants Hunter at Summerslam.

Sheamus' bragging finally catches up with him, and he is beaten by Undertaker at Summerslam. Morrison and Triple H have an epic match, with Morrison coming agonisingly close to winning on several occasions. Sheamus capitalises on a distraction, and nails Morrison with a Brogue kick. Morrison kicks out. Gong sounds, Taker chases Sheamus away. Ref bump, suddenly HBK runs in. Sweet Chin music to Hunter, Morrison hits Starship Pain. The ref gets up, Morrison wins.


And there we have it. A programme keeping several of the top WWE stars occupied for the best part of seven months, culminating with a cracking match, a brilliant feelgood moment, surprise run-in and big title win for Morrison.

It ought to be remembered that Triple H has helped 'make' several superstars in the past, most recently and notably Jeff Hardy whilst on Smackdown. This would keep him relevant, give a rub to Sheamus and push Morrison to the very top. The fans would surely rally behind someone who is endorsed by both Shawn Michaels and Undertaker, and enjoy getting behind him in his quest for glory.

I think it would you?


Dino said...

That sounds awesome (sorry Miz ref.) seriously though that would work on so many levels, I'm just glad that Vince is seeing in Morrisson what we have already known, that he could be the next big Star, all he needs is some Mic time and who knows what could happen......

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your sharing this, as it's fun to read the musings of a true fan. Creative and intelligent! Enjoy your time "on" the TNA tour, and I look forward to your post-mortem on The Rumble!
(Michael Cole says "Vintage" = We Drink)