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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Macho Man Randy Savage

Yesterday on Twitter I suggested I may be producing a Randy Savage tribute podcast and involving some of you. That plan has not changed, but simply been delayed.

What I am likely to do is to pick four or five people at random to call and have a chat for maybe five minutes about your memories of the Macho Man. If you are interested, please tweet me that you are and I'll get back to you. The decisions on who I speak to will be totally random.

If you are not comfortable in speaking on a podcast, or do not get chosen, why not respond to this post in the comments section and I will use a selection of the messages when I get round to a podcast.

In the meantime, I will be doing the usual PPV Livechat from 10pm Sunday night, which will run until the end of the Over the Limit show. I do hope you'll join me.


1 comment:

David said...

Although I'm not the generation that grew up with Macho Man and Hogan,(I'm 18) but I was nonetheless shocked at hearing the news of Macho Man's passing.
I have older brothers and so when growing up I would watch their video tapes of events such as the "Match made in Heaven" and 'Mania 4 and loved Macho Man. He was more interesting to me than Hogan,more colourful and more entertaining. His top rope elbow was the move I'd recreate more ,when play-wrestling with my brothers, than moves by HBK,Edge and Jericho.
Although he wasn't involved in wrestling when he died,his passing has still had a significant impact on the wrestling world. It's sad but when a wrestler(and that's what Macho Man was,a wrestler,he was everything that a good wrestler should be) dies,all wrestling fans join together in mourning and show a bond that is unique to wrestling. Thank you for the memories Macho Man,we'll miss you and may you Rest in Peace.