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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Random Raw Thoughts…………

  • Santino Marella? Just in case you weren’t sure if he was a plant or not, they give him Gorilla Monsoon’s real surname.
  • I’ve been made aware that this guy is from OVW, where he has beenwrestling as Boris Alexiev. However, if they portray him as a fluke champion, and he goes on to be a star in Italy, I wonder whether the rumours that he is to marry the Brunette actress Courtene di Coxio, from the hit Italian Comedy series, Amici.
  • Since he was crowned in Milan, will Santino be known as the Internazionale champion?
  • Worth noting how the WWE use subtle techniques. Many have wondered why Torrie and Carlito are matched up. Well I would suspect that there will be a Ric Flair and Carlito split and feud very soon. I would bet real money that when one man is turned (likely Carlito) it will involve the former Mrs Kidman.
  • Wahey, next week will be my first live RAW, and my first live WWE for over a decade, and I get Cena vs HBK? Sweet.
  • Cade was known as Garrision Cade for some time. He wanted to Just Be Lance. He was aligned with Coach, and wanted to Just Be Lance. Then tagged with Mark Jindrak, and wanted to Just Be Lance. Now he is Lance. Just Be Lance. Just Be Lance…….JBL…..JBL…..
  • King often talks about Canada being Bizarroworld with fans chanting for heels, but what the hell is wrong with Milan? It sounded very much to me like piped cheers for Super Crazy and then a “lets go Masters” chant? By Gawd, King!
  • I was certain that the Italian commentary position would be shattered at some point a la the Spanish table usually. Wouldn’t it have been sweet to see a Hugo and Carlos run-in to rebuke the Italians for gimmick infringement!
  • Off to Earls Court on Monday for RAW, and am excited, but it is tempered with the knowledge that very little usually happens on the last RAW before a pay-per-view. I hope I am wrong………………

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