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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Raw Thoughts - 12th October

· An odd opening to Raw. I was expecting Jericho or someone to interrupt and stop the match.
· OK segment between Jericho and Batista, and the slap was a nice one-up for the antagonist. However, Adamle’s interjection was embarrassing. It’s time to end the experiment. The GM position is one that can be used so well. You need someone who can provide a bit of humour and an air of authority. Adamle provides neither. It is unclear why anyone would have respect for him on the roster and why fans should be entertained by him. I am not the kind of person that thinks that the GM should be babyface or heel, but the way Teddy Long plays a GM works nicely because he has a balance.
· The fake laughing between King and Cole is getting very, very old.
· I’ll be honest I reacted like it was Stone Cold, though. Nice touch on the jacket – “Haastin”.
· So was that Haas doing a Steve Austin impression or a Shark Boy impression?
· Although I’m not thrilled that he is in for a big push, I was impressed with the short video package for Mike Knox. It made him look like a killer.
· From Knox to Snitsky – the last person to get the big man push. I’d say Snitsky will be next on the cut list.
· They got no reaction whatsoever, but I liked the Miz and Morrison bit on the mic. “Are you fifty?” got a laugh from me.
· Pretty good tag match from them too.
· My big problem is that when you have just three weeks between Pay Per Views not much is done to the storyline. Nothing has happened on any note yet. Nothing. They’ve announced a main event but haven’t really explained how the match will work. Apart from that, no storyline advancement, nothing.
· Wow, when even a Santino segment bombs, you know something is up. Hacksaw didn’t get into the swing of that, which is a surprise, because thinking back to the Dating Game segment from about this time last year, Duggan and Santino joined Regal and Simmons and it was superb. This, though, dragged big time.
· And what happened to Santino’s mouth? Papa Shango strikes again?
· Taker and Show in a Knockout match? You mean Show dressed up like Angelina Love? No Thanks.
· Why are they such idiots in the WWE that they do not understand the difference between ‘anniversary’ and ‘instalment’? It is not the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania next year, because the first one was in 1985. Therefore the 25th anniversary – i.e. 25 years on – will be in 2010 at Wrestlemania 26.
· What the hell was that Main event? Ugh, that was terrible. A gauntlet match, by definition, means that you take on a series of individuals until you lose. Jericho lost to Mark Henry, but still wrestled Kane. Surely if there are no consequences on matches then there is no point in having any match unless they are a title match. And then wrestling dies. You have to at least keep the pretence that winning matches matters.
· To add to the ludicrous rules, the world Champion was beaten two out of three times, Regal was made to look like a chump and Batista did nothing of note. Five men were involved, it did nothing for three and made two (Jericho and Regal) look daft. Pointless, terrible main event.

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Nigel Chrome said...

I agree that the Santino segment was surprisingly below-average, and I still don't understand how he ended up bleeding after hitting someone else with a weapon.

As far as the "Gauntlet match", I too was disappointed. While I'm not exactly a fan of Regal, he deserves better than being squashed so quickly -- especially since Jericho floundered afterwards. I can only assume that the short-term booking strategy is to make it look like Jericho can't beat any of the big, heavy guys so that when he does beat Batista (presumably with some kind of illegal move) it's a real shocker. It's what they do with Rey Mysterio every PPV, so presumably somebody thinks it's a good idea for Jericho as well.