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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Raw Thoughts: 27th October

Raw Thoughts 28th

· I love this Orton character. It’s been a long time since someone came across as a bullish, arrogant.......prick, basically. He is being cheered by some and booed by some, but is being held in regard by all, I would think.
· Cody and Kofi v Priceless – there’s a surprise. Didn’t I say that in my live notes from Cyber Sunday?
· Wow – a title switch. A decent match too, with all members of the match working hard. I find Punk and Kofi fun to watch. You know what, just for the hell of it, maybe they could let them defend against Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne. That would be a lot of fun.
· You know what, seriously, Kelly Kelly is starting to look very impressive. Johnny Ace deserves apologies from some people.
· It’s your most attractive match on Raw in weeks (Bourne v Rey) why shove a huge commercial break in the middle of it, then show clips of good stuff during the break. Just nonsense.
· Haha, I say that then Rey makes a huge mistake. My bad.
· John Cena and his brothers wrestling in the basement at home. They slammed each other on cement floors. They videoed each other putting figure fours on each other. Great times, what a great guy.
· Oh, by the way – Don’t Try this at Home.
· You know what, you don’t have to like Morrison and Miz, but you have to admit this. They are different. They are a slick act who stand out from the crowd.
· I don’t really care for these kind of handicap main events because they make the two look like idiots for not beating the one quicker. However, if they beat him quickly the one looks a chump. No-one can win really.
· Although I fear even Shawn won’t get a good match out of JBL, the way they have started their little programme makes good sense. There is a reason for JBL to be mad at Shawn, and it follows logically. I like that
· Not the most spectacular and gripping Raw I have ever seen, but I will admit that it set up very well for next week’s 3-hour show. I’d suggest that there will be high expectations of a good number for that show.

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