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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Raw Thoughts - November 3rd

Raw Thoughts

· I love how the 800th episode was several weeks ago and WWE have just pretended that it didn’t happen and called this special the 800th one.
· How come Orton gets the Kane mood lighting for his promo?
· Yeah, the Hardys! Because the 800th episode of this show is so huge we can’t rely on the people who are actually ON the RAW roster, can we?
· Anyone tuning in and not knowing Jeff Hardy is going to wonder what the hell happened to Alice Cooper. Nice eyeliner, Jeffrey!
· I quite like that – the heel team were the ones who lost via the ref not seeing a legal tag. Nice bit of variety. Well, for WWE at present it’s like a change.
· Ah, episode one of Raw, showing the best and worst of things. Bobby Heenan and Sean Mooney. In that order. Wow, and Max Moon was on that show. Part of me misses those days............but most of me doesn’t.
· Cool, the Razor v 123 kid match. If this is going to continue I’m going to enjoy it.
· Regal wins a neat little Battle Royal. Some interesting things to take from it, mainly the pointer to DiBiase looking very strong in the match and eliminating both Cody and Manu in the same spot.
· Oh, and Santino can do commentary every week, as far as I am concerned.
· Damn – I was hoping we’d have a sort of linear background of Raw, but we have to jump to McMahons, don’t we, since Shane has now arrived.
· Right, so Adamle has gone has he? So that’s interviewer, commentator, GM Manager? Could happen!
· Ok – a nice twist with Orton. I liked Shane’s thoughts, the angle of Orton hiding his injury. But Orton v Punk is a nice grudge match that could have been saved for a PPV, or a ratings pop on next week’s Raw at the very least.
· Always it’s a bit self-indulgent by Michaels and Hunter, but it was pretty funny stuff. Even if they did steal a joke from Friends. That’s how you run for 800 episodes. Steal jokes off of the other long running shows.
· Good effort from Miz and Morrison. Obviously DX were going to win, but nice rub for the cocky young heels.
· They tease that briefly with JBL about him being GM, but that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. JBL’s strongest suit is his work while on the mic, and I firmly believe that he’d pull it off well.
· Terrific storytelling with Orton and Team Priceless tonight. Absolutely terrific. I’d have preferred the commentators to refer to DiBiase costing Manu and Cody their place in the Battle Royal previously, but you can’t have everything.
· Ok – maybe a bit of McMahon dissention, which may well lead to Shane and Steph at odds, which will then likely lead to the return of the only man who can mediate between them. (Clue: his surname is the same)
· A clip of Undertaker’s entrance on the first ever Raw. Hmm, they didn’t mention his opponent. Funny that. Anyone remember who it was? Answers to the usual address.
· Khali as a babyface. We could see it coming, of course, but dear God we don’t want Mark Henry v Great Khali matches. That could set a new record for atrocious wrestling.
· Batista falls crotch first on the top rope – Michael Cole says “This could be the opening....” He’s right, it could be now!
· Decent cage match. In fact, better than decent. Good stuff. Some nice spots, and in a match which has been done umpteen times it’s difficult to be innovative, but they were. Well done guys. · Nice to see Jericho win the belt cleanly too. Shame it’ll likely be a stop gap before Cena regains at Survivor Series.

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