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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Raw Thoughts: December 1

· I love the twist that Jericho says his son is a Cena fan.
· Kofi/Punk v Priceless was really fun. Cody has come on a bundle, and Kofi on offense is so easy to watch.
· I don’t like where they are going with Rey and Mike Knox. Rey, not that I’m his biggest fan, has had to try to make average matches with a big guy like Kane for the past three months. And Kane is way more talented than Knox.
· Santino and Beth were a riot on commentary, and then Santino attempting Melanie....I mean Melina’s entrance......fantastic. The only thing that ruined it was King and Cole forcing laughter. I thought it was funny, and I laughed, but those two made it sound terrible.
· Top lines from that:
· Beth: “Of all places, why there?”
· Santino: “Ow, my loins”
· They call Melina’s finisher “The Last Call” – doesn’t James Storm have a move called that?
· I don’t mind the HBK and JBL thing, but I wish it had been teased. Michaels missing a move here and there, losing a match and looking vacant backstage. Someone saying to him “Are you ok man?” would have been preferable. JBL just coming out and saying “you don’t have much money” is a bit out of the blue.
· Shouldn’t people debuting win a couple of matches? Shouldn’t Ziggler beat D-Lo and Goldust before getting squashed by Batista? At least that allows him to show his offense and get a move or two over.
· Having said that, at least they gave him a move or two.
· The IC title tourney isn’t going to gain any credibility while the commentators just talk about Cena, Jericho, Michaels, JBL, Orton and Batista while Morrison is wrestling Finlay. Although the IC title is a Raw title and Morrison v Finlay should be an ECW match.
· Short and forgettable main event, but a decent ending with a cool, visual of Jericho applying the old-school Walls to Cena.
· Plenty of intrigue going into next week with The Slammies, three huge matches (Hardy/Jericho, Hunter/Batista, Edge/Cena) finding out why Priceless and Orton are helping Jericho and what JBL’s offer to HBK is.

1 comment:

Matt Kiernan said...

Great comments as always.

Here's an extra thought, on the WWE website on "raw after the bell", they had Cryme Tyme telling Hacksaw they were going to "hook him up" this week , but it didn't appear to materialise.

Also Brit-wise, Steve Lewington is looking technically sound on ECW, with an Alex Wright type gimmick. Fingers crossed he doesn't get buried in the abyss like Paul Burchill is at the moment on Raw.