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Saturday, 13 February 2010

The One Sided Ring

My first ever wrestling podcast is now available.

"The One Sided Ring - Episode One" is available to download by putting "" into your RSS reader.

I am hopeful that it will be available from iTunes within the next couple of days - stay tuned for more details.

The One Sided Ring is a short, light-hearted take on some topical issues in the wrestling business. It is entirely written, performed and edited by myself, and in the first issue I'll take you to find out what happens at a TNA booking meeting, reveal to you a top secret Pro Wrestling social network, and read to you a sad letter of unrequited love.

It's all in jest, and intended for those of you that love their wrestling, but don't take it TOO seriously.

The production quality isn't the best, but I'm still finding my feet, and hope to be improving this aspect of the podcast as the weeks go on.

Any feedback is welcome at robthegreen AT hotmail DOT com.

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