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Friday, 26 February 2010

Podcast Episode Three

The third episode of The One Sided Ring podcast is now available. Search for "Rob McNichol" or "The One Sided Ring" on iTunes, or tap in into your RSS player. I'd appreciate as many subscribers as possible on iTunes to push me up the list. Got to 165 in the Sports chart last week, lets see if we can break the top 100 this time.

Here's the official description of Ep3:

"This week's episode is kinda like The Thrillseekers. It has bits where I am serious for a minute, like Lance Storm, as well as moment of ricockulousness, just like Chris Jericho.

I talk about Abyss wearing Hogan's ring (ahh, bless), alternate plans for Triple H and Sheamus, what's next for NXT, how Kaz should have returned, an Audience with The Pope, WWE call me for advice, Shawn and Taker's legacies, and more.


Good summing up, that.

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