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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Raw Thoughts - May 31

  • Interesting start to Raw. Not something you want to do every week, but fun to start on a different concept.
  • I like crazy, paranoid Edge. It was too hard to take sensible, contrite Edge seriously. He should now stay heel forever.
  • Jericho doesn't win a lot now, does he?
  • I hate it when Lawler says (or is forced to say) imbecilic things like never having seen the Walls of Jericho countered into a small package before. Of course we have. That kind of comment helps no-one, because the fans watching will just think Lawler is a fool because they have seen it before and will now think they know better. The point of a commentator is to act as an expert, not come across as having the memory of a goldfish.
  • Nice pop for Truth when he won, by the way, and the match itself was really tidy indeed.
  • Quite the hot crowd in Austin, TX. Popping for Koslov turning on Regal? Especially considering it was an appalling chokeslam.
  • That was pretty dumb. Why would they have Ashton Kutcher come up with the idea for next week and make Bret look like a chump?
  • This Raw has really dragged. After a great match early on, there was been basically no action, and very little star power, at least after Vince appeared.
  • I LOVED the elevation of Evan Bourne. It will probably only be a short term thing, but the way they orchestrated the whole thing on this show was tremendous. Really sound booking of the attack at the start of the show, the endorsement from Cena and then allowing him to hit his (very over) finisher. Textbook.

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