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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Raw Thoughts - August 2

  • Haven't done this for a while, have I? Looking forward to this Raw - have avoided spoilers like a mad thing all week. Let's see.......
  • Maybe I'm being paranoid, but right from the start, on a taped Raw, I'm sense piped in boos for Edge. I may be wrong, but it's a real pet hate of mine. If the crowd are not reacting as you want, then you are portraying things wrong. Fix it, don't lie to the audience.
  • When you see Truth and Edge together, you realise what a good actor Edge is - or at least what a poor one Truth is.
  • I really don't get it with R-Truth. He's a poor promo, has a hackneyed catchphrase and is more a gymnast than a wrestler. The only thing that was over was his entrance, and I think that is fading.
  • The thing everyone always says about Christian is that he is punished for going to TNA. But so did Jeff Hardy, and he got a World Title. R-Truth didn't leave in the same manner, but he was a major figure in TNA. While we aren't talking WWE titles for him, he has a bigger push than Christian. With half the talent.
  • They moved on way too quick after Edge ran away. For that to be taken really seriously they have to have Cole and King discuss it a bit, rather than dismiss it, plug Orton/Miz and go to a break.
  • Really nicely done with the build to Melina's return. At least on that night. The Diva's stories are so often an afterthought, so no-one cares about Alicia. (Not Ms Fox's fault) This was pretty sound though. Melina wins the title back at Summerslam.
  • Decent squash to keep Sheamus strong. And there's a Triple H reference again. Keeping HHH in the consciousness of the fans.
  • Can't help but feel shenanigans are afoot for Jericho v Cena. Would you put that match out in the body of the show, and not as main event.
  • Haha! Most PC moment in Raw history. Jericho calls Cena a "Stupid Man".
  • Jericho is poetry in motion when it comes to match finishes.
  • Enjoyed the hell out of the second half of Cena v Jericho. Started a bit slow, but really got going. Nice post match exposition too.
  • The vice grip is not an effective babyface finisher. It elicits no babyface pop at all.
  • Nice match with Orton and Miz, but I might have liked to see Miz look more of a threat.
  • Overall quite an ordinary show. Fine, no problems, but nothing much to write home about.

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