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Friday, 4 January 2013

Get Hooked on Wrestling

I have received many questions asking about the content of the new digital-only wrestling magazine Hooked on Wrestling, of which I am a co-editor. I thought this was an ideal forum to inform you of the need-to-know intelligence about HOW.....which you can purchase, by the way, at

I am the co-editor, along with Mr Patrick Lennon. Pat is the editor of Fightin' Talk in the Daily Star, the co-host of WrestleTalk TV and owner of the finest beard in British media. He's also a great friend of mine and someone I've wanted to work with for a very long time. Is it getting above my station to suggest that he and I, working for The Sun and The Star, are the two most prominent journalists in wrestling in the UK? Possibly. I truly believe we are the among the best, though. And I think we have some great stuff for you.

Our ethos is "It's Wrestling - enjoy it!" Too often in these seemingly open times the knowledge we possess can be dangerous, and we end up being analytical to a numbing degree. Nothing is good enough. We find ourselves watching and imbibing a product which to all intents and purposes we have forgotten how to enjoy.
That's where we come in.

We aim to provide a glimmer of light into the dark cynical world of wrestling; to treat with the respect whilst highlighting some of the more positive aspects. For we actually LIKE watching Raw. We look forward to watching Impact. We celebrating British wrestling. We appreciate the archives and look forward to the future. We like wrestling. And we're not afraid to say it.


We feature some words that Patrick got with WWE's Sheamus. He talks about his role in WWE, his pride in  his Irish heritage and his thankfulness for working in the UK on the way up.

Everyone loves the Royal Rumble, don't they? We have an extensive preview of this year's Rumble match, detailing our list of potential winners. We have some Rumble memories about favourite matches and moments from our team, as well as guest contributors such as world number 16 dart player Paul Nicholson and acclaimed Scottish writer, comedian and actor Greg Hemphill.

We also have our "Fantasy Rumble" - Pat selected 30 wrestlers, across all eras, in their primes, and tasked me with booking a Rumble match. We have some fantastic pictures of them and some mouth-watering hypothetical clashes

Pat takes a look at the next month on store for TNA, including their visit to our shores for another potentially exciting tour.

In our "A Minute With" feature, where we ask a tag team questions about themselves and each other, we feature exciting British duo The Bhangra Knights - Darrell Allen and RJ Singh.

In this month's "Big Question", Pat and I answer the question "Is there a place for blood in wrestling in 2013?"

We place moments in wrestling history that are monumental into our Hall of Wow - and this month it's the moment where Stone Cold Steve Austin won the King of the Ring and uttered a phrase comprised of six letters, three numbers and a colon that would change his life - and wrestling forever. "Austin 3:16" was born.

We talk to Greg Lambert, author of the book Holy Grail: The True Story of British Wrestling's Revival.

Kurt Angle talks about his peers - see what he has to say about Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Samoa Joe, CM Punk, AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels. Which of them did he describe as "The absolute greatest of all time"?

Pat previews the visit of Dragon Gate to the UK once again, as they visit us in February for three more show. DGUK always provide some of the greatest matches you'll ever see live, and here we offer some introductions to some of their top stars and some video evidence of their greatness.

I watched Eastenders the other day. No really, I did. It had Kat and Alfie in it and everything. Weirdly, it made me think deeper about wrestling than usual. Read about why Eastenders' Christmas shows made me think about Wrestlemania, and what bringing old stars can mean for wrestling.

We welcome to the team Mr Dean Ayass, who British fans will know as a confrontational manager known as "The Twisted Genius" Dean Ayass. Dean pens his debut piece with a cracking essay on just Paul Heyman is a master of his craft.

We have some excellent photographs from around British wrestling - we aim to heavily promote the art of wrestling photography.

In our Recipe of a Wrestler feature we analyse the influences on a top wrestlers career. We look at the facets of other wrestlers that combine to make a top-notch worker. This month - Dolph Ziggler.

John Canton writes on the 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw.

Stand by for another bout of "Who, What, Where, When and HOW" - the most fiendish wrestling quiz you'll ever see.

And you have a chance to win WWE 13 on PS3 - SIGNED by CM PUNK!

And it's 99p. I think that's pretty fair, to be honest. It just takes about 2/3 minutes to sign up for a username and password and pay via card for the magazine, which you can view online. We hope soon to have apps available so that you can view HOW on your smartphone or tablet.

For now, please support our venture. Come on, 99p, eh? What are you waiting for?

Buy Hooked on Wrestling here

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