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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Raw Thoughts - 22nd September

Raw Thoughts 22nd September
· Jericho is awesome. I’m tempted to make it that I simply copy those three words using Control + C and simply paste it from time to time
· I love this new twist to the Orton character. Slightly tweener, very menacing, very calculating, and upsetting lots of people. Great way of using him while he is recovering.
· Michael Cole: “Orton is single-handedly responsible” when referring to disrupting the title picture. No he isn’t, it was him along with Manu, Cody and DiBiase
· “If it wasn’t for me kicking CM Punk in the skull” – why can no-one in the WWE say head? Why are things always in the ‘skull’?
· Great opening segment. I like it when Shane or someone gets involved, to carry sense through, but also to offer a surprise. You can’t use it too often, but it’s a handy tool to have.
· OK match with Punk and Rhodes. And predictable (but not in a pejorative way) run-in post match from Manu and DiBiase, with interesting save from Kofi. Punk and Kofi going for the tag titles at No Mercy?
· Nice back reference with Kane and Shane. I like it when they do that. I’m looking forward to seeing how much they reference when JBL teams with Jericho and Batista with Shawn. Both teams have faced each other in Pay Per View encounters this year. Batista and Shawn feuding started the whole Jericho thing off.
· Who the hell was that talking to Kelly Kelly Kelly backstage? More greatness from Santino backstage and then inside the ring.
· Deuce? What the....?
· Santino when pushed into the turnbuckle “Why would you do that?” Just hilarious.
· Really enjoyed the Kane/Bourne/Mysterio stuff. Thought the match was good, thought it highlighted Bourne well but kept Kane strong, and although Cole being surprised to see Mysterio was downright stupid, the kick off the springboard by Rey was a terrific spot.
· I really liked the Beth/Kelly Kelly Kelly match too. I’ll give Kelly a great deal of credit, she has improved beyond belief. She has some way to go yet, and her acting is abysmal, so she’ll never be a great character, but in the ring she is definitely getting a lot better.
· Bit of a throwaway match with Cryme Tyme and Miz and Morrison, really, but decent filler, and Cryme Tyme are very over, so it makes sense to use them where possible.
· Did Cole say that Michaels has been involved for the whole 15 years of Raw? Listen, I think Shawn is a wrestling genius right now, but he has not been Mr Reliable and been there for 15 years. He has walked out a couple of times and retired for four years. As I write this he is in the ring with Bradshaw, who I’d wager has been around for not far off the same amount of time.
· Terrific main event to cap off a very good Raw. Enjoyable action with all competitors getting their shots in and even Lance Cade getting to make the winning pin. Keeps he and Jericho despicable heels and HBK the valiant chasing Babyface. I am really starting to look forward to No Mercy.

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Anonymous said...


You know i love the blog but...
That was a teribble raw. The evan Bourne match, they guy landed on his face. Kelly kelly, it just looks stupid making Beth look week. I agree Jericho is a legend. More shane i think, but it is getting very obvious. Im glad there's still no pop ups.

Cheers Rob B