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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Raw Thoughts - September 29th

Raw Thoughts 29th September
· More good stuff from Santino on the stick. I assume Batista was allowed to laugh in the ring at Marella’s antics, but you wouldn’t blame him for not being able to keep a straight face.
· Interesting little promo from Michaels backstage about finding a partner, throwing in little teases for Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and Bret Hart. He says he went too far with the last one, and stated he would find a partner who actually likes him. Does that mean that he and Austin don’t get on? I didn’t know that.
· Throwaway match between Miz and JTG, notable only for King getting Harvard and Yale mixed up, and suggesting someone that had four prom dates had “four times more than you, Michael” Which would mean that Cole had one, which is not really an insult, just pointing out a probable fact.
· Oops. Katie and Paul Burchill get no entrance, just happen to be in the ring after the break. Not a good sign.
· Lance Cade has the most generic music ever.
· Fun eight-man tag to simply remind us of the Rey/Kane and Punk/Priceless programmes, with associated parties completing the set. PAW – Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling.
· Another of those in ring promo jobs that sees constant interruptions. Last week this was fun, but doing it every week cheapens it. This didn’t really offer anything about from a minor sort of revenge for Batista and small dig by Orton at Adamle.
· I demand a Fabulous Moolah-meter next week
· I know I have a go at him all the time, but Cole just says words that don’t fit properly in sentences. Why does he keep saying “Historic 800th Raw”? What was historic about it, apart from the number? He described the main event as “legendary” before it had happened. It’s just really poor use of grammar. I hesitate to lay into him completely because I have no idea if this is him talking rubbish or whether it is being implanted into him through his cans (That’s his headset, you perverts) by another figure. Say a higher power.
· Not one of Jericho’s best promos, that. But then the standard he is aiming for is so high.
· Again, sorry to go back to the announcers, but there can’t have been many of you sat at home who didn’t guess that HBK’s partner would be Triple H. So why do Cole and King sit there like idiots saying “It can’t be” and “Oh My God”. Who else was it going to be, Marty f’n Jannetty?

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