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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Raw Thoughts - September 8th

Raw Thoughts
· Jericho’s promo wasn’t up to his latest standard, but was still pretty good.
· Punk v Jericho next week is a decent and sensible main event if they are not going to go with the two men in a proper programme anytime soon. They have already wrestled on TV in the last couple of months, so it’s been done, but the addition of the title will spice it up. I don’t see that it makes sense having it in a cage though. The cage is supposed to be used as a tool later in a feud when it is hotting.
· I’m also not overly happy at this point with Jericho having to wrestle the day after his exertions with Michaels and the Scramble.
· Beth v Mickie was ok, and sets up a logical Beth v Candice encounter. Candice was wearing a red corset which frankly made her look a funny shape. I can’t understand why these gorgeous women feel the need to try to make themselves stand out even more.
· Speaking of gorgeous women, the beautiful (and English!)Layla has a humourous little skit backstage with Jamie Noble, with Jillian involved. She seems sympathetic and warming to Jamie slightly. She’ll turn on him within the month. Maybe within the evening.
· Ok, ordinary match, and then we have two things I want to clear up. Firstly, Regal has been involved with Jamie for a few weeks now, and it’s only just crossed my mind that Regal could have had some fun with referring to Noble as common or poor, and that as a King, he is the true Nobleman. Secondly, the thing I wrote about 10 minutes ago about Layla turning on Noble sort of happened, but Layla sold leaving with Regal as being sort of forced into it. She almost looked hypnotised.
· JBL destroys Haas – or CHL. I’ll be honest, I get a real kick out of Charlie Haas doing these spoofs. It’s not a brand new concept, but it’s making me laugh.
· Rey talks to Grisham and explains that he had to take time off to let his body recover. And what better way to do that than to get a huge, freaking tattoo!! Cool promo at Kane, though.
· Notice how Lillian isn’t used to announcing the ECW guys? “Making THEIR way to the ring.....(realises Morrison and Miz are not together, and she doesn’t know their weight and hometown)” and just announces them singularly.
· “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” Err, get beaten up in a parking lot?
· Rey has lost the big Mohawk ‘do already. Maybe Miz got jealous and shaved it off?
· Evan Bourne – next X Division champion.
· Shouldn’t Bourne’s finisher be called Air Bourne?
· I like where they are going with Orton and the Second Generation-ers. (They need a name. Let’s call Gentoo – as in Generation Two, not the penguins) It gives Orton something to do, along with the inevitable Punk showdown in time. Good use of a valuable superstar.
· Nice for Manu, his first ever move on Raw was missed. Welcome, young Samoan.
· Cody, Ted and Manu best friend beat Cryme Tyme and Kofi. Manu is basically like every Samoan ever. Do they not have Samoan cruiserweights?
· Typical awesomeness from Santino (he could just show up and say Honky Donkey Man every week and I’d be happy) but I wasn’t crazy about the match. Feels tacked on.
· ‘Meh’ kind of main event with an excuse to make JBL and Batista look a little bit bad ass and to further ‘sneaky Jericho’. Funny how it’s plucky Punk and sneaky Jericho for doing much the same thing.
· Don’t JBL and Jericho hate each other? Didn’t they feud for quite some time? Didn’t they have violent matches on PPV? Didn’t they have a confrontation a few weeks ago?
· OK show, but set up for a big one next week. Should be fun.

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