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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Now thats what I call an angle "Blow Off".....

I've seen some weird shit in my time watching wrestling, but this weeks edition of Raw just about tops it all.

The show itself was ok. Unfortunately my predicitons of CM Punk, Carlito and Shelton moving were off the mark, but I did successfully call benoit to ECW and Booker to Raw. (I'm fed of the bloody "King Booker" act though - just be Booker T again, please?) The draft was handled reasonaly well, albeit the logic behind someone wrestling a match whereby if they win they got another bloke who could kiss their arse was a little flawed - especially after Edge 'won' Khali for his brand.

I always love seeing legends pop up in the show. To be fair, I can take or leave the insane ramblings of Snuka, Sheik and especially Captain Lou, and Moolah and Mae Young really must be shameless or get paid a lot to do what they do.

But as well as this motley crew, we got Piper, Heenan, the Dream, Foley and best of all Bret on the show to say a few words. It was great to see the Rowdy one back, I certainly wish him well in his fight with health issues, and my all-time hero, the legendary Bret Hart apppearing made my night.

To cap the night off we had a battle royal. Orton wins, and Kennedy and Snitsky go tot Raw. Fine, I can live with that. End of show, right? Wait, theres still time remaining.

Vince wanders to the ring, gets a microphone. Drops the microphone, heads to the back. We follow his movements as he passes basically everbody we haven't seen in the show up until that point standing behind Gorilla (the position) - presumably the logic was that if they got drafted they had to get to the entrance quickly.

We see Vince pass notables such as Howard Finkel and, tellingly Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. He then walks outside, slow as you like, turning twice to eye two lurkers outside the building. He then gets in his limo.

The limo explodes.


It seems very much as though, stressing very strongly that this is for storyline purposes only, Mr McMahon is dead.

Running Steve Austin over to explain a storyline absence with could have permanent is one thing - he had a bad neck - supposedly killing off the best heel in the company, like it or not, is decidedly odd.

I know that the Undertaker 'died' and came back but that was very different. That was 1994, and his gimmick was an undead zombie, for crying out loud. The landscape has changed, and we are not talking about getting beaten up with elbows, headbutts and Bansai Drops - we are talking about being car bombed.

This is serious stuff, and I can only imagine that someone, somewhere in th WWE is considering retiring. The reason I say this is that surely we'll see Steph, Shane and Linda appear on TV appealing for help in catching their father's killer, and eventually someone will get busted for it. This person should then be (kayfabe) imprisoned, not forced to wrestle a stipulation match then dropped into the midcard (Rikishi)

Another option is that after months of searching a person gets arrested for it, but Vince turns out to have faked his death for some reason.

If he is 'dead', who did it? The most famous 'killing' in television history is 'Who Shot JR?' Maybe JR, Jim Ross, killed VKM!

Coach could be an early contender. Here is a direct quote, the last words heard on Raw this week: "You're going the wrong way. Sir, your limo is that way."

Shane, Stephanie, Hogan, Flair, Bret, Lashley (haha, soft spoken killer) Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley, The Undertaker. You could probably make good cases for any of these to be worked in as the storyline murderers.

I prefer, right now, to leave it, tune into ECW and Smackdown this week, and see wht happens. I urge you to as well. This was huge, and no-one saw it coming. As an eternal opimist, I hope that WWE creative have that one great idea up their sleeve.

The next few weeks could be a blast.


Artimus said...

Do agree it was one heck of an ending to Raw. Will certainly miss Vince. Who on Earth could fill the heel void he's left behind?

Also, what does the future hold for ECW now that Lashley has been stripped of the belt? They'll probably just hand it to Benoit. Who else have they got?

They should have just used this draft to kill off ECW. How much longer can they keep it going?

Imran said...

Oh great, why do I get the feeling that we will have a month of Cena vs. Snitsky coming up sometime soon... Someone will have to drag me away from my television set.

Oh, and how badly did Smackdown get screwed last night!?! They lost THREE potential main eventers in Booker T, Chris Benoit & Mr Kennedy and gained Kahli, Flair, Torrie Wilson, Masters... Kahli who is just terrible, and the rest who haven't done much of anything for a fair while now. Hopefully the card's will even out after the supplmentary draft on Sunday.