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Monday, 25 June 2007

Back, with a Vengeance reaction

OK, so I’ve had some time to ponder last night, and collate my thoughts a little. I’m still feeling very deflated about the whole Vengeance PPV, and the WWE in general.

In my mind, of the nine matches, one was good (Edge v Batista) four were average (Hardys v Cade & Murdoch, Nitro v Punk, Chavo v Yang, MVP v Flair) one was barely a match (Umaga v Marella) Two were below par (Candice v Melina, The main event) and one was beyond dreadful (Deuce/Domino v Snuka/Sarge)

That’s an appalling return for Pay Per View which I was looking forward to, especially the main event which was so poor considering the talent and potential in the ring. If any of you saw TNA’s Slammiversary last week, the King of the Mountain title match was a great spectacle, a quality concept and really well put together. The WWE’s main event didn’t even come close to the efforts of Joe, Styles, Cage, Angle and Harris.

I’m fairly confident that Raw tonight will be better than Vengeance. I know that isn’t hard, but the annoying thing is, I bet Vengeance got a lot of people to purchase the PPV because of Benoit/Punk and the fiveway title match, and many of these people will become disillusioned about getting another PPV if this is what you get for your money.

When Raw is the following day and also a 3 hour show, as it was a fortnight ago, you wonder whether Pay per Views lose their edge and appeal.

I would definitely advocate cutting back dramatically on the amount of Pay Per View shows. Less could well be more, and I’m not begging for TNA to pick up a second hour and start pushing WWE a little bit. It might frighten them into action, like what happened when WCW went into overdrive.

There is only one company who resemble WCW circa 2000 at the moment, and it’s the company based in Stamford.

Guys, I want your thoughts. Please leave your comments below, because I do wonder if I am too scathing sometimes. I’ll get back to you on all feedback.


Anonymous said...

will the deaths chris benoit bring vince out of the death

Lee said...

Last night's raw did just that. It started with vince adressing the camera in an empty arena and he all but came clean on the storyline (Him standing there is an obvious giveaway!) and led into a 3hr Benoit tribute which brought a tear to my eye at the end with Benoit and Guerrero embracing at Wrestlemania.

Where this leaves the WWE in terms of the storyline, i dont know. It guess its in limbo, this storyline (I take it) was supposed to go on for a while and Benoit's death will certainly cast a shadow over the WWE for quite some time.

Where do they go from here? has already taken anything remotely connected to Mr. McMahon's death and rightly so.

Many, if not all, have already said this but Chris Benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers i've seen and i'm glad I had the privilege to see him live.

R.I.P Benoit

rahul said...

Sir. Mr.McMahon was very very very very nice & brilliant person in WWE

rahul said...

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In my point of View Mr. McMohan is a idle person for every person who part of WWE.Mr. McMohan make superstar He never die, Mr. McMohan lives always in our hearts.