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Monday, 11 June 2007

Is it me, or is getting drafty in here?

I am writing this some 12 hours before RAW is scheduled to start tonight, with their 3-hour draft special. (1am start in the UK tonight, guys not 2am)

I’m really looking forward to it. I have a list of grievances with WWE as long as my arm. In fact as long as Mr. Tickle’s arm. (I’ve been a writer 7 years and I think that’s my first ever Mr. Men reference – and I loved it) However, I feel that in the present climate, they really are urinating into the wind as it were. The injury problems that have just mounted up leads to a, and you’ll hopefully pardon the turn of phrase, crippling of the roster. Consider this:

Booker T
Rey Mysterio
Triple H
The Undertaker
Ken Kennedy
Shawn Michaels

Now add Rob Van Dam not being around for a different reason and Big Show has left, and you are talking eight different main event level stars who are currently out of action for one reason or another. So who is left? Well, Edge, Cena and Lashley are the champions, Batista is still up there, Orton I suppose, and probably you could include Benoit in the list if pushed. But realistically, Khali and Umaga have been pushed up into the picture, with the use of Lashley’s extended feud with Mr. McMahon trying desperately to cover up the deficiencies.

The good news? Well, Mysterio, Booker, Kennedy and Triple H should be back in action relatively soon, and with the popularity of the Hardys as high as it’s ever been, the elevation of MVP, and the continuing progress of CM Punk should mean a restoration of prominence for the product in the upcoming weeks and months.

So the draft? Firstly, I’m unsure as to how the process will work. When the original roster split took place, Ric Flair and Vince McMahon (storyline Co-owners) selected ten wrestlers each, as I recall, on RAW, then everybody else was just drafted afterwards and they told us on

Last time, someone simply got drafted to another show each time, beginning with John Cena going from SD to Raw, and ending with Batista taking the opposite route. Drafts have seen teams broken up, which was a bad thing for the Dudleys, who floundered, but a short–term boost for Shelton Benjamin, who was pushed heavily on RAW.

Looking at logical moves, I’d say that Chris Benoit is long overdue a move, and may be sent to ECW what with his history with the company, plus their loss of RVD. He may also replace CM Punk, who I can see benefiting by moving to Smackdown. The reason I say this, is I would send Carlito and Shelton Benjamin to Friday nights as well.

To me, the draft should be there to freshen up the roster, to create new feuds, or ones we haven’t seen in a while, and to allow workers who careers are dwindling, or stagnating, to be given a fresh opportunity to shine. Carlito and Shelton are in this bracket. However, there were in this bracket the last time there was a draft, I think and were moved then. But having these two jump to Smackdown along with Punk would give the Straightedge superstar more scope for interesting angles – on a show people actually watch.

Since there are no tag team titles on ECW, I fail to see why the Major Brothers would logically stay there. So if no ECW tag titles are forthcoming (and its best there aren’t) then send them to Smackdown too.

To Raw? I’d send Booker T to compete there when fit again, and possibly Finlay or someone of that level. He’d be good for Santino Marella to help him improve after his rushed push to prominence which has further devalued the Intercontinental title. You know what’ll happen though, don’t you? They’ll move Mark Henry to Raw, so after sleeping through Cena and Khali, we get another immobile freak with no heat for Cena to squash. Or maybe Lashley might have to The World Strongest Man with the World Longest Contract with the Worlds Wrongest Push.

But it’s good to have some contention about whats going to happen, and really nice to look forward to a show. Don’t let me, down, WWE.

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